Know About Us

Women Power Africa (WPA) is an innovative initiative pioneered by Valentine Zoza and Zoza Communications that aims at igniting and promoting Women Empowerment throughout the African continent and the African Diaspora; and inspiring the next generation of African leaders.

We profile, showcase and celebrate remarkable African women who against all odds do what is necessary to provide for their families, impact communities and shape nations.

We also establish progressive and viable empowerment initiatives, professional networking and support systems for African women to thrive in their various professions.


To initiate and establish innovative women empowerment initiatives, professional networking and support systems in the African continent and the African Diaspora.

To ignite and promote women empowerment in Africa; profile, showcase and celebrate remarkable African women; and inspire the next generation of African leaders.

The Founder & The Initiative

Valentine Zoza isn’t just a name, it’s a force for positive change across Africa and its diaspora. This award-winning Content Creator and Social Entrepreneur wears many hats – Brand Strategist, Linkedin Influencer, Change Maker and Pan-Africanist at heart. 
His unwavering dedication to empowering Africans and showcasing the continent’s potential has earned him global recognition, including a spot on MIPAD and the UN’s “Top 100 (Under 40) Most Influential People of African Descent.”
Valentine Zoza’s mission is very clear: to ignite a flame of empowerment within African women and celebrate the continent’s boundless potential. Through his innovative initiatives, Women Power Africa, Remarkable Africans and Zoza Communications, he’s amplifying the voices of remarkable Africans and showcasing their achievements. 
Women Power Africa acts as a platform to profile these inspiring figures, fostering professional networks and providing invaluable support systems. But Zoza’s vision extends beyond women’s empowerment. Zoza Communications and Remarkable Africans serves as powerful mouthpieces for Africa itself. These Afrocentric media companies celebrates African talent and brands, promoting a positive and progressive image of the continent to the world. Zoza actively combats negative stereotypes, aiming to replace them with a narrative of boundless opportunity and limitless potential. 
Valentine Zoza‘s passion for Africa knows no borders. He envisions a united continent, free from the shackles of social and economic strife. His dream is an Africa that embraces its rich cultural tapestry, thrives on innovation, and stands as a beacon of peace and prosperity.
This isn’t just a dream; it’s a call to action. Zoza, through his tireless efforts and inspirational leadership, is paving the way for a brighter future for Africa. With his unwavering belief in the continent’s potential and his dedication to empowering its people, Valentine Zoza is a name to remember as Africa continues its rise on the global stage.

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