Dr Aminat Olawunmi Ige: From a cancer survivor to remarkable Mathematician.

Meet – Dr Aminat Olawunmi Ige, remarkable Mathematician and PhD holder in Mathematics from the University of Lagos.

She survived loss of the breadwinning parent, cancer, depression, chronic suppurative otitis media, divorce, single parenting and other life issues that were enough to sink her.

Against all odds, she obtained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Mathematics and a Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics from the University of Lagos, and a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mathematics from Lagos State University.

She is the winner of the 2023 Best PhD Thesis Award, University of Lagos.

Dr Aminat Olawunmi Ige is a Functional Analysis Researcher, Mathematics Lecturer, Data Analyst, Mentor, Motivational Speaker and Poet.

She is currently an Assistant Director at Lagos State University Directorate of Advancement (LASUDA).

“Life can sometimes throw unexpected challenges on your way. I understand what it feels like to face the storms. From losing a breadwinning parent and struggling with several miscarriages to enduring the physically and emotionally draining journey of cancer and chemotherapy, life handed me hardships that could have defined me. But through those struggles, I not only survived but thrived.”

“The pain of divorce brought emotional turmoil, leaving me as a single parent navigating uncharted waters. The process of healing, both physically and emotionally, tested my resilience. Yet, I didn’t stop there. I chose to believe in the power of restoration.”

“Against all odds, I survived life issues that were enough to sink me. I floated and I can help you float. I am here to mentor you to greatness,” said Dr Aminat Olawunmi Ige.


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