Dr. Pamela Sithole: From a domestic worker to a remarkable Doctor. 

Meet – Dr. Pamela Sithole, she worked part-time as a domestic worker while studying Medicine full-time at the University of Kwazulu-Natal.

She started working as a domestic helper at the age of 14, despite all the challenges and hardships, her perseverance and determination helped turn her life around.

At age 24, Dr. Pamela Sithole graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree from the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

“Growing up there were a lot of challenges, including our financial circumstances and my parents’ divorce. My mother was left to provide for us and she was unemployed for the longest time. As a result, we had no choice but to rely on my siblings to put me through school from an early age up until high school which put a lot of financial strain on them.”

“Despite these challenges, I was determined to live up to my potential and applied myself diligently to my studies.”

“Against all odds, I was able to juggle my studies with part-time work over the years having the ability to rise above my circumstances.”

“Even though I was a domestic worker, I didn’t shelve my dreams and think that it’s over for me. I continued to work hard and I’m glad that I did, for me it really was just a lesson in humility and it has enabled me to better understand people from different walks of life and be able to relate to each person. I always knew that good things lay ahead for me and it was truly just a matter of time.”

“My hard work and commitment to my studies paid off when I received funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. This helping hand was to prove life changing.”

“Never despise humble beginnings but equally, don’t let them define where you will be in five or 10 years’ time, with God, everything is possible,” said Dr Pamela Phumzile Sithole. 

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