Shima Nixon: From a traumatic car accident survivor to an Academic Trailblazer.

Meet – Shima Nixon, in March 2013 she was involved in a traumatic car accident. In April 2013 she lost her left leg above the knee and in July 2013 she lost her right leg below the knee.

In January 2014, she started her prosthetic leg journey.

In January 2016, her husband divorced her.

Against all odds, in May 2016, Shima complete an Associates Degree in Recreational Therapy Assistant.

In May 2019, she obtained a Bachelors Degree in Recreational Therapy.

In May 2019, she got an Internship at her number one choice!

In May 2023, Shima obtained a Master of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics from Alabama State University.

In May 2023, she became the First Black Female Clinician with Bilateral Limb Loss in the United States.

In June 2023, she started her Residency at Hanger Clinic Miami, Florida.

“In the field of Prosthetics and Orthotics there are only 2% African American certified clinicians. It is an honor to become the First Black Female Clinician that just happens to be a Bilateral Amputee, not only from Williamston, North Carolina; but in the whole Country! I did it, not for me but so my future patients can know not to give up.” – Shima Nixon

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